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I am... I don't know. The Light forbids me from knowing myself. The Dark is no better because it just denies me access to its domain, like it runs some high-­end club with its overpriced food and dull varieties. The closest I can come to knowing myself is through my little mirror. It's just a shattered shard, but it is my companion in my clueless life, although I need to shade it over with the palm of my hand in order to insure the Light won't reflect itself to blind me. I seem to be made partly of Light myself, from what I see from the mirror. At least my insides are, and this Light isn't overpowering thankfully, or else I would never be able to use my mirror. I can tell my insides are Light because they glow from my pitch-­black, metallic body. That's probably why the Dark won't let me in. I have a bit of Light in me it seems. Anyhow, I seem to be made of a smooth and flexible black metal with clawed fingers and toes, a very slender body, and horns. Not those overrated pointy ones either. Mine are more like pipes that open up at their tips to reveal more Light. I have about... let's see, uh, the long one on my right elbow, the four little ones on my left wrist, one each on my ankles, and four more long ones on my head. Oh! And on my back is a thistle-­like thing covered in the horns that I can pull out like the strings you see on those talking dolls, although I can move that without needing to touch it with my hands. Then there is my face, the reason I needed my mirror. I touched it to feel the smooth and completely flat surface. Then I held my mirror up to my face. Two big circles for eyes that held Light, although I can make them move however I wish, and when they move it's sort of like how you would see an image on a TV screen. My eye movements are almost cartoonish in nature. And then of course, there is my smile. Again, you can see the Light coming from my smile. Yep. My big old jack-­o-lantern grin, with the pointy teeth shaped bits and everything. Mind you, I might look scary to some people, but I'm friendly enough, so don't let my looks get to you.
That's about all I know about me. Other than that, I can't tell you anything, because I don't know anything else. Picture now, a big room that is all pure, snowy white, with pure snowy white people. They're the Light People, and the room itself is the boss that just surrounds and watches us. I don't really like them. They're nice for the most part. We play games and stuff, and it's kind of fun. The problem is seeing these people. After all, pure white people on a pure white background is... well, I think you can take a guess on why it's difficult. As I was saying, everyone is nice and everything, and they treat me very well, but... well... they're all girls for the most part. Trillions of Light People in the Light, and only one of them was a man, and he had left! I have no idea how he managed it, but he left. From what I remembered of him, he felt, (yes 'felt', please remember that I can't see anyone in this place), he was a very round man, and he had a big, deep voice. He had gone... a long time ago. This place really needs a clock. I wish he had taken me along with him. I was soooooooooooo bored. The girls had no sense of adventure, and most of them had no desire to see beyond the Light. The Dark was too scary. There were monsters in the Dark who ate little Light People. Let's just stick with the stories we
hear about Outside. *sigh* So dull. So very dull. All that's left to me is to stick to is staring at the Dark and wonder what's inside. So here I am, staring at it. Nothing ever happens though; the Dark just hides every... wait. I see something... bright? It's the man! The one who left!
A little short story I came up with. Should I continue with it, or scrap it? What could be better if I wish to continue?

The second part is up.
Annuski Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Student Writer
This is good, a bit peculiar, and all the better for it. Some really thorough description, and yes I think you should continue with it because I want to se where this goes =)
macaroniman3 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
Thank you. Glad to know it's interesting. The second part is up now, so you should be able to find it in my gallery if the link fails.
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