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A continuation of 'Stuck, Bored, and Don't Know Who I Am'.

I am... I was one of the Light People. But that is the past. Here, in the Dark, even though I have no name, I know who I am and who I was, and who I can be. Unlike the Light, which lives through conformity and ignorance, the Dark encourages individuality, although it can't be seen. The Dark People all blend in with the pitch-­‐ black background, so we have to describe our individuality. I myself imagine myself as being big, around seven feet tall. Just think about the superheroes with muscles but then give it a nice sleek look and you have my body's description down. For my head, I wanted to have that sleek, masculine look, but I also wanted to have a touch of femininity. Girls look at that kind of thing. The ones I like anyway. I spent a really long time thinking about it. I searched my brain, looking through all the old stories from Outside. Bison horns? No. Wolf fangs? No. Octopus tentacles? Definitely not, for so many reasons. I needed something with a touch of sweetness, something fluffy in the Outside that would look good sleeked down... a pair of foxtail ears? Closer, but not quite. Maybe a mouse nose? Still not quite there. Rabbit nose? No, but hold it... rabbit. Bunny rabbit. Bunny. What does one think of when they say 'bunny'? Cottontails, but I wasn't willing to get that cutesy. Little pink noses, but I have no idea what 'pink' looks like, and the word doesn't appeal to me anyway. Long, floppy ears. Yeah. There it is, that's what I'm looking for. Take out the floppy bit and make it sleek and I'd have the perfect head for me! So yeah, I have a sleek superhero body, and a strong chinned head with two tall bunny-­‐like ears on the sides of my head that shoot out backwards very sleekly.
Now if only I could think of a good face for myself. Now please note that I know what a face is, but things like a nose or a mouth just seem so... not sleek. And eyes are another can of worms. If you tell me about things like 'blue' eyes, or 'brown' eyes, or even just 'blue' or 'brown', you've lost me completely. Around here, things are black and white, quite literally. Those are the only two colors we have around here, and no one in the Dark would ever envision themselves being anything that resembles a color, because no one here knows what other colors look like. I once thought that maybe we could discover other colors if we briefly mixed the Light and Dark, just to see if we could get anywhere with that, but the Dark People wouldn't have it. There were so many stories about the way the Light tainted you, forced you to be something you weren't. Of course I know that's not completely true being a former resident, but they were right about one thing. In the Light, there is no individuality. You like what everyone else likes, you think what everyone else thinks. The sad thing is that it's not even an actual law of the room. The Light itself did not dictate this rule, the Light People did. Why? I have no clue. I suppose when you live with a few trillion people, you need something to maintain order. The Dark People chose a place of discussion and compromise to settle arguments, (most arguments were about similar characteristics on two individuals, since individuality is the big thing here). The Light People chose trending and conformity. That's how I see it working out.
Thinking about it is making me remember who I was during that time in the Light. Geez I was fat. I was a moon amongst the girls, almost literally. I hated being like that. It was the consequence of sitting around doing nothing, which was all there is to do in either room really. There are games, but all games here are word games and 'follow-­the-sound-­of-­my-­voice' games. Those games get boring after five
hundred rounds let me tell you. So I had spent a lot of time sitting. After that, I spent a lot of time staring into the Dark being bored and wanting to be over there to see what it was like, to see if it was different. Then one day, I simply decided to be Dark. Simple as that. After that, I just walked in, I had a blast, and lost the moon shape by being an individual. The problem? I wanted to go back to the Light. It's boring in the Light, but hey, it's still home. But for some reason I can't go back to being Light, and now I'm stuck here instead.
And now that I'm this far along in this little tale, I have to say it: the Dark's individuality thing is great, but it is all the Dark People worry about. The Dark People are obsessed with being different from one another. You think an obsession with conformity is bad? If you had to deal with these people for about a day, you would be bashing your head into a wall. These guys blabber on endlessly about how they're different from each other. I remember asking one Dark Person if they were a guy or a girl, and the whole room burst out into a huge thing on how they were a guy, girl, something in between, something not in between, neither, both, not-­‐girl, not-­‐guy, guyguy, girlgirl, OY VEY! I'm pretty sure I heard a brawl start over that one. As you can probably guess, I have had my fill of this place. But I can't leave, so I've had to learn to live with the place.
Now to pass the time I'm trying to come up with a face for myself. I've asked around, but the Dark People either have the same kind of problem when it gets to the eye color bit, or just gave up on faces all together. But today has been different. I've heard a rumor about someone who is Dark-­but-Light in the Light who has been trying to get in. They say he has a face! So while I've been telling you about this stuff, I've been walking towards the Light. It's been a long time since I went near the place. There hadn't been a point lately, but this was nice. It was nice to have an excuse to see how home was doing, even if I couldn't actually, you know, see anything. It's really close now. There it is, the same as ever, no surprise there. Now where is that Dark-­but-­Light Person with the face? Everyone was saying that he hangs around the border all the time, so where is... AH‐HA! There he is! Woah... interesting looking fellow. Looks like someone decided to be an individual in the Light. Trust me, around here that is saying something. He's not facing the Dark right now though. Looks like he's talking to someone, wherever they are. He's got a nice sleek look to him... I already like him. Now come on, just turn around. Wait a second. His horns. Are they hollow? They look like pipes. And they have Light... inside them. He really is Dark-­but-­Light. Now just turn around so I can see this face of yours. There we go! Wow. It's a lot simpler than I thought it would be. It still looks cool though. But it's Light against a Dark background. I can't copy him; the other Dark People would label me a copycat, (really bad thing to be in the Dark). Maybe if I could reverse the colors? But how would I do that? I've been in the Dark for so long. Honestly, now that I'm really looking at it, I don't think I even remember what it's like to be Light. Huh? What's this on my chest? No way! Light? Wait, it's not me though. There's a beam of Light. Where is it coming from? The Dark-­but‐Light fellow? What does he have that could push Light into the Dark? Wait, I see it. In his hand. Is that a mirror? What a useless commodity in a place like this! Then again, he can actually be seen and can look at himself, so maybe not. How strange having Light on me. Ah, it feels so familiar.
I want to go home. But if I go back I'll be stuck in conformity again, and I've grown fond of the Dark to. I need to take some Dark with me. But how? Too bad I can't spread this Light spot around. I could go over myself like I was painting and leave a face on my head. Then I could be Light again but still have that little bit of Dark I need to be me. But I can't spread this spot. Can I? Well... a try wouldn't hurt. Just... one... finger... to start. IT WORKED! IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!!! Well then, let's just spread this around. Cover the legs, get the arms. Ugh, the back is hard to reach. I'll get what I can. Heck, if it looks good, maybe I'll leave it Dark. Now for my face. Let's see. Two circles for eyes, and a pointy tooth mouth. I hope I did this right. Alright, let's see if I can cross the border. Oh this is exciting. Alright, deep breath. One... two... three............ four... GO! I... I... didn't make it. So close though. I've got Light again to, and that's a big step. Thank you Dark‐but­‐Light guy. Oh! He's coming over! Wait, that means he can see me! Fantastic! Hold on. Doesn't that also mean the Dark People, who absolutely despise the Light, can see me as well?

Oh dear............
Read, enjoy, review. Hopefully the conclusion to the story will be up by tomorrow. And again, give me reviews and leave comments. Tell me what I'm doing well and what needs work.

A link to part I
The final part is up!
Annuski Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Student Writer
This is really good again, still waiting for the end =) totally hooked on the story
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