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A conclusion to 'Stuck, Bored, and Don't Know Who I Am'.
They are... in big trouble. This is the first time in our history that Light and Dark have mixed. We looked at the two People. One of them had been around for a while already. He had been a Light Person in our Light Room, and the only male within the Light. Until he left. We remember well when he left. You don't see someone that fat peel off their skin and cross the border of realms like that everyday. That was what he did! He was just sitting there, staring at our Dark Room, when he got up, and his skin of Light peeled off of him and he made a break for the Dark Room. That was when the second Person was born, the one everyone started calling Dark­‐but­‐Light. When the former Light Person had taken off into the Dark Room, his discarded skin had wrapped around itself a few times and took on a life of its own. And now, after several years in the Dark, the former Light Person has become something mixed to. He hasn't existed for a day and he's already being called Light­‐but­‐Dark. Now there's a huge mess happening in both rooms. The Light Room had been bad enough when Dark-­but­‐Light was born. They had all scolded him severely for breaking their conformity rule until he explained he had been made the way he was, although he had no idea who he was. The Light People got accustomed to Dark-­but­‐Light very quickly after that, and the ruckus died down for a few years. But now we have Light-­but­‐Dark to contend with. The Dark People are in a panic, screaming about being tainted and losing themselves, and the Light People are crying out because they think that monsters of the Dark have taken someone from the Light. Now both Light People and Dark People are beating at the border, both sides thinking the other is invading. We detest mass hysteria. Everything gets out of hand and bad things happen to the good People who haven't done anything.
We suppose we should explain who we are. If you've followed the situation with us from the start, you'll know that this place has two sides, the Light and the Dark, our precious rooms. We are the observers of these rooms. We used to be their caretakers, but time was not kind to us, and we faded away until we were little more than a consciousness of two, Light and Dark. We've taken to calling ourselves LaD, but you don't need to remember that since it's not important at the moment. Well, anyhow, the two... New People, (we're still trying to figure out what to call them, but we'll call them that for now), are currently trying to push back the Light and Dark People. Now you might be thinking that the Light and Dark People are attacking the New People, because they're different, and all beings are good at finding an excuse to go after the different things. The Light People could say that Dark-­‐but-­‐Light helped the Dark take a Light Person. The Dark People could say that Light-­‐but-­‐Dark is a traitor for painting himself with Light. Surprisingly, that's not what's happening right now. At this moment, both sides are trying to protect their New Person. The Light People seem to have grown very fond of Dark-­‐but-­‐Light, and think that the Dark tried to grab Dark-­‐but-­‐Light and grabbed someone else by mistake, and now they're all trying to safeguard their New Person. The Dark People all seem to think that Light-­‐but-­‐Dark is being possessed by the Light and are trying to pull him away to help him. How bizarre. Still we like that they actually care about the New People. That's much nicer than what we were expecting. Just the same, the two New People
don't seem too happy themselves. They're trying to explain their separate situations. Dark-­‐but-­‐Light is trying to explain that Light-­‐but-­‐Dark just appeared in front of him, and Light-­‐but-­‐Dark is trying to explain that he painted himself and no one forced him to paint himself. However neither side is listening to what their New Person is saying. They're all in such a state of panic that they can't seem to be reasonable. Oh! Dark-­‐but-­‐Light just broke free from the Light People. Surprising considering how strong they are, (them being girls does nothing to hinder their strength). Dark-­‐but-­‐ Light is beating at the border, and he's calling out to Light-­‐but-­‐Dark. He wants to know what it's like in the Dark. Hm. Like body like skin, we'll start to say. Uh-­‐oh. The Light People are grabbing him again. They're telling him that he can't save the 'taken Light Person'. We don't think they are listening to Dark-­‐but-­‐Light at all. It seems Light-­‐but-­‐Dark is also having some trouble on his side of things. He's having no trouble breaking free, but he keeps getting grabbed and pulled back, and the Dark People are telling him that he's being possessed. Like they would know!
They're both struggling so much. Why can't any of the others see that the New People are trying to explain things? We don't understand why it's so difficult for People to listen to others. But we also have hope that this will get sorted out in time, so we will wait, watch, and see if the future holds that hope. We will pray for a miracle in the meantime. Miracles can happen if one just asks after all. That's how it works for us anyway. And we would like that miracle right about... now please. Nothing happened. Oh well, we didn't think it would work the first time. Wait. Maybe it did. Dark-­‐but-­‐Light is starting to do something. Screaming? Yes. We think he's screaming. And making... oh our goodness! That's just not possible! Dark-­‐but-­‐ Light is making black fire! He's left a giant black mark in the Light. The Light Room has Dark in it! All the Light People are screaming. Even the Dark People have noticed this. Goodness us. It seems the Light People are really in a panic. We can hear some very frightened cries. They have Dark on them. They think they are becoming monsters, and the Dark People can't make heads or tails of what's happening.
'I can see my fingers.' We hear the comment from one girl of the Light People. So does everyone else. They're starting to calm down. Interesting. The Light People seem to be curious now. When was the last time they were curious? We don't think they ever were actually. A handful of the other Light People have noticed that they also have Dark on them. They can see themselves! How fascinating. It seems the Dark People want to see what's happening now to. Hm? Do they even realize that some of them are covered in Light? It seems Light-­‐but-­‐Dark accidently got some Light on the Dark People when he was pushing them back. Oh! There we go. One of them finally noticed! HAHAHAHA! He's bragging! What a turn around from that fear of the Light he had a moment ago. He's now more of an individual with that spot apparently. It seems as though the other Dark People aren't having it. They're all going to Light-­‐but-­‐Dark. They want to be painted to. They want to be as unique as possible. He's shooing them away, telling them he'll get around to it. Looks like he's heading back to the border. Dark-­‐but-­‐Light is doing the same. It seems the border is still there. Dark-­‐but-­‐Light is taking a look at the ground in front of the border and waving at Light-­‐but-­‐Dark to join him. The Light and Dark People are coming closer
as well. They want to see what is happening. Dark-­‐but-­‐Light is trying and succeeding at making more of that black fire. He's saying he thinks it's like the fire of his soul, a fire of the heart he's exclaiming. The People who can hear him, including us, are rolling our eyes. That sounded more than a little cheesy, but he seems proud of his words, so everyone is just going to let him have his moment. Light-­‐but-­‐Dark is trying something to. He's painting Light onto the ground at the very edge of the border and making a tile of Light. Looks like he wants to try picking it. Well what do you know! It's working, although the tile seems to only be paper thin. Whoops, it slipped from his-­‐ WOAH! It went under the border! Everyone is looking very surprised. No one can see it at the moment though, since it's on the Light and is the color white, but Dark-­‐but-­‐Light is fumbling around for it a little bit... found it! He's pressing it against the border and writing on it with the soot from his fire.
'I think this border is like a curtain that has been keeping us from seeing the truth. We should lift it up and show both sides that Light and Dark are not separate things, and neither is good nor evil. They're just Light and Dark, and as we just learned, they can mix and mingle just fine. Let's see what we can do together as one group, rather than as two factions.' This is what Dark-­‐but-­‐Light wrote, and we agree whole-­‐ heartedly. It seems that Light-­‐but-­‐Dark also agrees, but then he writes a question into the Dark ground.
'How did I cross into the Dark in the first place then?' Good question. Dark-­‐but-­‐Light answers by saying that he thinks it is because he had enough curiosity about the Dark and was willing to cast off his skin of Light to experience the Dark that the curtain wavered for him just long enough to go through. A slightly vague answer in our opinion, but it will do. Dark-­‐but-­‐Light looks at the mirror in his hand. For those that don't remember, Dark-­‐but-­‐Light has had that mirror for a while, although we have no idea where it came from. That little mirror was what gave Light-­‐but-­‐Dark his Light back and had started the ruckus earlier. It had shown what Dark-­‐but-­‐Light had perceived as the only way to know himself, and it had been his companion in a sense for so very long. Now it is the thing that has revealed a great truth for him and two sides of People who had been isolating themselves in very different ways. One side with conformity and the other with obsessive individuality. It seems that is about to change. Both sides are reaching under the border, or rather the curtain and lifting it away...
Several months have gone by now, and everything is very different now. We have tried to call the People Light, Dark, and New People, but we are starting to find that in the end they are just People now. The Dark People taught the Light People about diversity, and the Light People taught the Dark People about common interests. After that, Dark-­‐but-­‐Light and Light-­‐but-­‐Dark helped to make everyone the way they decided. There was some trial-­‐and-­‐error of course, (it's to be expected), but the two of them have become excellent artists. We're glad to say that even faces are no trouble here anymore. The People themselves have even learned how to make things by taking out pieces of either room. It started with a black ball, then a white
table, then a black and white tree, and now there's a lovely city with big buildings and beautiful landscapes. There is still the Light Room and Dark Room, but now there's a bit of both in each room as well. You wouldn't think something that is just black and white would be beautiful, but we can't get enough of the scenery the People create. And then of course there are the People themselves. There are so many different shapes and sizes and even tones now! Some of them like to go about as People who are mostly Dark, but with Light lines to define there features, and vice-­‐versa of course. Some like to get complicated and color themselves with varying tones, some of which actually move underneath the edges of the People or sit directly underneath them. We think those are the People's equivalent of shadows. They still need a little practice with shadows, but they're getting the hang of it. There are 'young' People and 'old' People, and People with 'jobs' are around now. Some are a little boring for us. Our favorite jobs to watch are the artsy ones, like painting, and music playing, and acting, amongst other things. Little families have also started to sprout up here and there. Light-­‐but-­‐Dark even has one now, (he met this nice girl before any of the mixing of Light and Dark, but he had never been able to see her before). Dark-­‐but-­‐Light has taken to adventuring around and visiting the new creations of Light and Dark Room and 'helping' by adding a touch of mischief to the works, (you'll see a bird with buck teeth and a car with square tires every now and then). Of course these two former New People are now the closest of friends and visit one another very frequently. Light-­‐but-­‐Dark visits to keep Dark-­‐ but-­‐Light out of trouble and Dark-­‐but-­‐Light visits Light-­‐but-­‐Dark to get him into it. Either way, the two of them are currently enjoying life and trying to experience as much as they can each day.
Well that's pretty much everything that's changed. It's all incredibly enjoyable. There are probably going to be a few problems here and there, but we know that those will get worked out when we run into them. With all the progress the People have made with Light and Dark, we think that they might start making progress towards finding other colors soon. But we suppose that will be another tale for another time, when it happens.
The finale to my little series! I hope anyone who has been reading it has enjoyed. Tell me what you think. Comments, reviews, and all that good stuff would be wonderful.
Annuski Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Student Writer
Hmm, interesting, and a fine way to finish of the story. Yes indeed, it really left me speechless...
macaroniman3 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
Thank you for enjoying my first series. I'm glad it had such an effect. :)
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